(Last Updated On: August 16, 2016)


With the rapid development of the plastics industry,

the status of the injection molding machine rising to become one of the largest number of production models in many plastics machinery. In this new,product continuing to nurture era, vertical injection molding machine has been bred and rapidly develop!

clothes drop machine



The Feature of vertical injection molding machine

1.Injection device and the clamping device is in the same vertical central line,and the mold is opened and closed in the vertical direction.Its area is about half of the horizontal machine.
2.It is easy to accomplish insert molding.Because the mold surface faces up,so the insert can be easily put in.By using the fixed under template, movable above template model and drawstring conveying device in combination with mechanical arm , it is easy to achieve automatic insert molding.
3.The weight of the mold is supported by the horizontal template to do go up and go down,opening and closing action.Machine falls forward like horizontal machine because of mold gravity will not take place.So that templates can not be opened and closed.It is beneficial to maintain the accuracy of machinery and molds.
4.Use a simple mechanical arm to remove each casting cavity.It is beneficial to precision molding.
5.The clamping device is generally opening, easy to configure various types of automation equipment.It is adapted to the complex and delicate automatic products molding.
6.Drawstring conveying device is easily achieved to install through the mold center.It is easy to achieve automatic molding production.
7.It is easy to ensure consistency of resin flow in the mold and mold temperature distribution.
8.Equipped with rotary table, moving table and tilt table.It is easy to achieve insert molding and in-mold composite molding.
9.When doing small series production, mold construction is simple and low cost.It is also easy to uninstall.
10.Vertical machine withstands several earthquakes test because of low center of the gravity.Vertical machine has better earthquake resistance.





The category vertical injection molding machine and applicable product

[Standard injection molding machine series] USB cable, power cord, network connector, closed-circuit plug
[Single sliding series] insert without line
[Double sliding series] cosmetics bottle connector
[Rotary-table series] energy-saving lamp
[Side-feed series] double-color double-feed series, colored plastic products
[Automatic machine] zipper
[Mainframe series] relative large plastic products, such as road shade
[Minicomputer series] string lights, data cable, electrical cable
[Thermoset series] pot handles,high and low voltage electrical appliances






Various types of insert molding Description


Insert molding and the basal metal Injection Molding
Insert molding refers to produce integrated products crafts.The process is previously prepared different material insert charged in the mold,resin injected and then molten material and the insert engaging Solidify.
Outsert molding refers to an injection molded piece embedded on the surface of the metal plate construction method.
Automatic vertical injection molding machine with a molding system
Hoop molding refers to a thin metal drawstring on turntable through reel into the mold.Through the vertical injection molding machine molding,then hoop is embedded in plastic parts. Hoop sends out and cut into products by the punch.
In-mold assembing and molding system
In-mold assembing and molding also known as insert molding.
Double-color vertical injection molding machine
The main projects of vertical injection molding machine CIM ceramic material forming include: a ceramic powder material and resin binder heat and fusion- melt – kneading – vacuum degassing – granulated molding materials – injection machine molding – molded article degreasing – sintering – after product processing. Ceramic products have heatproof, wear-resisting, anti-drugs and hard features.
Vertical injection molding machine BMC (dual-mode curing machine)
It is suitable for wet “BMC bulk molding material” vertical clamping horizontal injection turret molding machine.FBT vacuum dipping machine has 16 nozzle heads.A vacuum chamber has a transfer device.Two liquid materials experience degassing – mixed – after metered then inject and electronic products gap reached vacuum seal forming.
Liquid material injection molding machine
Liquid silicone through a unique stationary and mixing – metering – injected under pressure into the mold and solidification – molding.It is adapted for high-precision silicone products molding and molding without burrs.
Vertical injection molding machine MIM metal powder
Metal powder and a resin binder by heating and mediating then granulate molding material.After the injection molding machine, degreasing – sintering – after processing can be made precision metal products. It also applies to the magnetic plastic material molding.
Long product C-molding
The machine uses vertical C-balance arm mode, the fixed under template and above template decline clamping mechanism.It is easy to adjust mold thickness. Don’t have front trolley disability, cable installation, molding, remove and move easily. Equipped with movable table (option), to reduce the work intensity and improve production efficiency.

Energy development of vertical injection molding machine
Vertical injection molding machine energy consumption main performance:
☞ hydraulic system pump power consumption
☞ heater power consumption
☞ circulating cooling water pump power consumption

Vertical injection molding machine energy-saving technology means:
☞ saving injection molding technology
☞ energy executive body
☞ energy-efficient power drive system


Vertical injection molding machine key energy-saving is to improve the the energy efficiency of power drive systems , the output power and the executive power with the implementing agencies of drive system,to achieve adaptive matching.The higher energy efficiency between the two, in other words, the saving rate system is higher. The more it can achieve energy saving efficiency.Energy-powered system is the main subject of research and development of energy-saving vertical injection molding machine.