ST Rotary Table

Rotary vertical injection molding machine has been produced by many people like, the most important reason is that this vertical injection molding machine in the overall design is very clever. Not only the overall design style has the advantage of small footprint, in addition to other injection molding machine in the operation of more dexterous and convenient, very suitable for small and medium-sized parts production and use. More importantly, compared with other types of injection molding machine, this kind of investment is also very small, reducing the initial cost.

Model characteristics

  • Vertical compression mold-locked,vertical injection,Chinese/English controller,screen display,double proportional pressure,oil flow control,round set.Base plate formed by nodular cast iron once.Strong mechanical structure,high pressure and fast speed.

  • Standard rotary plate is divided into 2 or 3 positions,also can be divided into 4 or more for special demand,to convenience operating and automatic connect planning,increase production.

  • Rotary plate rotates alternatively with an angle of 180° or 360° It is convenient for workers to pick and put objects,high safety, increase more than 50% efficiency.

  • Simple setting of rotary torque size, speed,slow-down distance.100% match consensus.

  • Electric and pressure co-control the safety protection brake,in the state of open-molded,it enhances the protection function of preventing the falling of movable mold,andgreatly ensures the peopli and mold’s safety.

  • Oil,water,and pipe circuit integration design,convenient for customers to put in oil and water.

  • Diversity oil system design (semi-closed,closed,servo or high speed injection ) to meet customers demands.Expandable programming, connect with automatic putting and picking devices,totally automatic.

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